Nike Watch Review

I’ve had my Nike Sportwatch for almost 2 years. I bought it in 2012 when I just started taking running seriously and didn’t like having to worry about bringing a bulky phone with me every time I wanted to run outside. I purchased the Sportwatch and shoe pod from the Nike Outlet nearby where I was living. Simple enough.

My first few runs were okay. The watch was super easy to use and I thought the display was very user-friendly. However, I went on a run on a route I’m very used to and ran about 2 miles. My watch said I only went .08. Well, that’s not right. I tried a few more runs with the same problem. I took it back to the store and they were nice and gave me a new one (after me telling them it was, in fact, not the shoe pod that was the problem).

The couple runs I went on without the shoe pod required me to wait at least 5 minutes for it to find satellite. This was never a big deal since I wear Nike running shoes and the shoe pod fits right in. But the fact it takes that long to find satellite is ridiculous.

Now, I wore this watch through marathon training, training for multiple half marathons, and through many races. I never had a problem. It always worked pretty fast with the shoe pod and uploaded my runs to the Nike website. It lasted through kids spraying me with water and some pretty sweaty days with no issues.

However, Tuesday I went on my 6 mile training run and it was HUMID. I mean gross sweaty nasty humid. And naturally, I sweat a lot. I was probably sweating more than usual today because of the humidity. I got back home after my run and the screen on my watch was acting funny. It kept flickering on and off and the screen kept going black. I plugged it in and hoped that it would fix itself. A few minutes later, I noticed moisture on the inside of the watch. It didn’t rain while I was running, the only thing I could think of was that my sweat was on the inside of the watch.

A few minutes later, the screen went blank. And I haven’t seen it turn on since. I tried plugging it in, pressing buttons, everything I could think of. I called Nike hoping that I could get a replacement and they instead told me to buy a new one. I realize that it’s been 18 months since I bought it, but what kind of watch isn’t sealed from sweat?

I went on Amazon to see if others were having the same problem. Sure enough, I found several other reviews with watches breaking due to sweat. And Nike giving those people the same response.

So I’m frustrated. I’ve written before about how I love my watch, but I just can’t justify dropping another $180 on another one when this one broke so easily. I guess the purpose of this post is that Nike cares about their apparel and shoes, but really doesn’t about their electronics. I’ll still proudly wear my shoes but I won’t buy any more electronics from them.

5 thoughts on “Nike Watch Review

  1. I bought mine on launch day. I expected the typical first round bugs and whatnot. I never set up the shoe pod, and yes the time to find a satellite was ridiculous.
    My biggest problem was after about 6-8 months the buttons kept sticking. So badly I couldn’t press them to start or stop a workout. I went through Nike CS and their fix? Do a hard reset. Right, I can’t push the buttons! They are absolutely no help at all.
    I had high hopes and was seriously let down. Nike should stick to shoes.
    I will say I’ve never had a problem with my Garmins. And I just passed my first one down to my sister when I upgraded to the 620.🙂

    • I bought the 220 and loved it on my run last night. I’m so frustrated with how Nike handled my problems. Almost everyone I’ve talked to had issues!

  2. I got one at some point last year maybe, and I have noticed the same thing with the satellite GPS – takes FOREVER. I luckily haven’t had this problem yet, but their lack of customer service disappoints me. I won’t be buying anything like this from them again. It’s a shame, because I really do like their online platform. Although now that they are possibly partnering with Apple, I’m hoping the upcoming iWatch will integrate with their app.

  3. I got mine in 2012 when I started doing races too. I loved it as a fitness watch and for running but I often run in non-nike shoes so no shoe pod. I live in NYC, so I shouldn’t have an problem with satellite coverage but sometimes it takes so long to find a satellite that I don’t even bother logging. I use an app on my phone to track my pace and use the watch as a fancy stopwatch. Disappointing about that. It is pretty and when I just got it, I used to wear it all the time and get compliments on it but sometimes it just doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do and I don’t like that. I am hoping to move to a Garmin

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