Akron Marathon Training: Week 1

I was feeling anxious about starting to train for Akron but I think the first week went pretty well! Coach Abby had a good week in store.

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 6 miles at an easy pace. I still really suck at running at an “easy” pace. I either run at my max or walk. I tried my hardest to run slower and at a conversational pace. It was super muggy and humid out this night and I broke my watch due to sweat. Awesome. Splits: 10:33, 10:30, 11:36, 11:14, 10:43,10:51. I ran 3.5 outside and the last 1.5 inside because it was getting late (and buggy. gross).

This is the trail I run on. It’s pretty nice. I wish it was longer.

Wednesday: OFF. I went golfing in my ladies league at the golf club. I had a blast!

Thursday: 2 miles warmup, 3 miles at 9:55 pace, 2 miles cooldown. This was the first run with my new watch. 2 miles at a 11:25 pace, 3 miles at 9:53, 9:50, 9:52, and then 2 miles cooldown at 11:15 and 10:55. Those middle miles were HARD. But I did it!

Friday: Pylos. I really enjoyed these because I love box jumps. They also included squat jumps and split lunges.

Saturday: 10 miles. I signed up for a 10K that I almost forgot about and I figured I would mix that in with my long run. I ran a slow mile warmup right before the race, ran the race in 1:07 exactly, and then ran the last 2.8 afterwards. This was my first official 10K that I ran (I’m not counting Cleveland because I didn’t make an effort to run. I kind of just did whatever). Splits:
1: 11:30 (pre-race)
3: 10:27
4: 10:32
5: 10:37
6: 11:21
7: 11:51
8: 10:14
9: 10:41
10: 11:04

It went pretty well. I ran almost the entire 10K except for a major hill and the 2 water stops. I can feel myself getting stronger!

Sunday: Leg maintenance. Abby has some awesome hip stretches. I also did some standing lunges and squats.

So far so good. I’m excited for this week. I’m not so excited for how hot it’s going to be. I’ll have a real recap of my race tomorrow or Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “Akron Marathon Training: Week 1

  1. Amazing job on the 3 faster mile run!! I love that one. Do you find the split lunges as brutal as I do? They hurt SO MUCH.

  2. Great job on those sub-10 miles! Keep it up!

  3. Congrats on knocking out your first week of training! Glad to hear your new watch is working out.🙂

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