Jim Klett 10K Recap

I’ve mentioned before that I’m in a local running club, Summit Athletic Running Club. They put on a few races each year and all of them are quality. This one was no exception. Where else can you run a 10K, receive a nice breakfast, and a very nice tech shirt for $25?

My plan for Saturday was to run 10, so I figured I would run a warmup, the 10K, and then the last 2.8 after the race. I wasn’t running this to “race”, I was running it as a part of a long run. I warmed up with Jim running around the school (where the start was) and then walked to the start line. I loved how close parking was to the start/finish and everything was right in the school (packet pickup, awards, breakfast).

Of course, I turn my iPod on (the one I charged the night before) and it was warning me low battery. I think it’s time for a new shuffle since this one doesn’t charge right. Jim thankfully brought his and I took it before lining up. The race was through the Cuyahoga Valley and it started in Akron, went a little into Cuyahoga falls, and then back to the school. We ran through a farm (where there were some pretty big stones to run on top of), but the scenery was great. I didn’t bring my phone on this run because I was so close to the school, so I didn’t get any pictures.

I was holding a pretty steady pace for the first 4 miles, right around 10:30. There was a girl that was running directly in front of me the whole time, and I was determined to beat her. I walked through the water stop around mile 4.5 and walked up the giant hill, but otherwise I was running the entire thing. Once we got to mile 5.5, there were some gigantic rolling hills. I did a slow jog up and run down, but she caught back up to me. I soon passed the 6 mile sign and knew I was close to the finish. Once I turned into the school driveway, I picked it up and beat her by 2 seconds.


Afterwards, there was a nice breakfast of sausage, eggs, and fruit. They gave out spibelts for the age group awards! I told Jim he should’ve ran because he would’ve won one! I also love how this race was exactly 6.2. I never run a race that is exactly right on the distance.

This was also the first race with my new watch (Garmin Forerunner 220). I love it!

Did you run any races this past weekend? This was my first 10K that I ran! 

2 thoughts on “Jim Klett 10K Recap

  1. Congratulations on a terrific race! Your first 10K – way to go.

  2. Nice job! I love having someone to help push me – you go girl!

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