Weight Watchers Thursday v.2

Well, I gained a pound. Which is frustrating since I had such a good week of running, but I can attribute it to one of these things:

1. I ate out 4-5 times this week. Which I’m trying to completely cut out.
2. I went to a party and ate cake and cupcakes multiple times this week.
3. I still have the mindset that I can eat whatever I want when I run (which I cannot)

Or just the fact that I’m drinking much more water than I’m used to. My goals for this week are:

1. Track what I’m eating. Every little thing. I have a bad habit of not tracking small snacks, and those add up.
2. Refrain from desserts when I go to my family party this weekend.
3. Eat more protein. That helps me to stay fuller longer.

The good news is I’m still down 6.6. But, I know I can do better.

One thought on “Weight Watchers Thursday v.2

  1. I’m far from a nutritionist, but you’ve been running a lot lately – do you think that 1 pound weight gain is muscle? If so, that’s not a bad thing! I always try to look on the bright side of things, but when my weight loss slowed down in 2012 after I started running it really helped when my dad told me that it would because I was building muscle as I lost fat.

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