Akron Marathon Training: Week 2

Man, this week was rough! After having an awesome first week I figured this week would be great too.  But that’s not how running works🙂

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 1 mile warm up (11:32), 5 miles tempo (10:31, 10:34, 10:36, 10:28, 10:14). I actually did this one on the TM because it was so muggy and humid out but it kept me focused on keeping around a 10:30 pace.

Wednesday: OFF. I tried to go golfing but it stormed and they kicked everyone off the course😦

Thursday: Easy 8. This was rough. I was super warm and bugs were everywhere. I parked at the rec center, ran to the Tallmadge trail and back. I need to have water stops if I’m going to run when it’s that humid. 10:27, 10:58, 11:46, 11:53, 13:19, 12:58, 11:58, 12:23.

I met a friend on my run. And by friend I mean I was terrified.

Friday: Pylos

Saturday: 12 miles. 12:10 overall pace. My legs were hurting a lot at the end of the run, and it was difficult to finish. I’m glad that Jim was with me for 8.5 of the run. It was hotttt.

We also had our family party this night! It was tons of fun to see my family and watch fireworks!

From Thursday’s run but I was feeling the same way after this run.

Sunday: Easy 4. I ran 4.41 with my dad with about an 11 minute pace. I also decided that I needed new shoes this day. So I bought some Brooks. Which is weird because I’ve never run in anything but Nike.

This view though.

So there we have it. First 30 mile week and I feel like I haven’t run 30 in such a long time!

Is anyone else training for a fall marathon? Which one?! Or if you aren’t, what is your favorite part of the summer?

4 thoughts on “Akron Marathon Training: Week 2

  1. The weather is rough lately, but it sounds like you did really well! I carry a handheld running water bottle, even on 4 mile runs. I like having the option to drink at any time.

    • I do too! It just was pretty much hot water by the time I was done (plus, on humid days I tend to run out). I think I’m going to start stashing water bottles along the trail or at the end.

  2. I used to stash water bottles along my routes – I found it so much easier! Keep up the good work – you’re making progress!

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