Author: emilyplummer

a runners calendar

I just got my new calendar for 2024, actually it’s a lovely Countryfile one my Grandad has given to me. And as I started to fill it in it got me thinking how a runners calendar is often not dictated by months or seasons but actually by races and events. I personally find that my […]

Lakeland 500

I sit down on a bench at a round table, littered with empty plastic glasses and paper cups of tea, and sit our son Ted, on my lap. My mum hands me a bottle of warm milk. I lean Ted, 14 months old, into the crook of my left elbow as usual, and he starts […]

PB, Pregnancy and Back Again

As I write this, yesterday was my 8th London marathon. Somehow I managed to get round at a personal best time. A year ago I was watching the race from the sofa at home, 8 and a half months pregnant, finishing off a box of magnum ice creams by myself.  Now the medal is hanging […]

Grand Union Canal Race

I was introduced to GUCR a couple years ago. I had asked Mimi Anderson to help me in my training for Lakeland 100 and that same year she was running both TP100 and GUCR not long after. I was inspired to have a go and in autumn 2015 I entered the ballot for the 2016 […]